• December 28, 2016

Estoppel Certificate

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Estoppel Certificate

Estoppel Certificate 800 450 Leasing REality | Commercial Real Estate Education


This estoppel certificate is made and executed as of the __ day of _______, 2017 by ________________________ (“tenant”) for the benefit of _______________ (“purchaser”) [and any mortgage lender].

Tenant hereby certificates to purchaser as follows:

  • Tenant is the tenant under that certain lease dated ___________, 201_ made by and between _____________________ (“landlord”), as owner/landlord and tenant (the “lease”) covering those certain premises (the “premises”) described therein and located at _____________________________________, a copy of which lease is attached hereto.
  • The lease has not been modified, changed, altered or amended in any respect and is the only lease or agreement between the tenant and landlord or its agents affecting the premises.
  • Tenant has made no agreements with landlord or its agents or employees concerning free rent, partial rent, rebated of rental payments or any other type of rental concession.
  • Rent under the lease is $_______ per month, which has been paid through , 2017. No rent has been prepaid for more than one (1) month.
  • The lease is in force and effect. As of the date hereof, tenant is entitled to no credit, no free rent and no offset or deduction in rent.
  • To the actual acknowledge of tenant, landlord is in not default under the lease.
  • Tenant has not assigned, sublet, transferred or hypothecated all or any portion of its interest under the lease.
  • Landlord has, and is under no obligation to tenant with respect to payment of the cost of tenant improvement work to the premises.
  • The lease does not contain and tenant does not have any outstanding options or rights of first refusal to purchase the premises or any part thereof or the real property of which the premises are a part.
  • This estoppel certificate is made by tenant knowing that purchaser [and its lenders (if any)] will rely upon the truth of this certification purchasing the premises and in making a loan secured by the real property of which the premises are a part.
  • A security deposit of $______ is being held by landlord under the lease.
  • The expiration date of the lease is __________, 20__.
  • There are no options to extend the term of the lease, except for ____________________.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Tenant has duly executed this Estoppel Certificate as of the date first written above.


By: _____________________