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Access and Indemnity Agreement
Access to Premises
Alteration Requirements
Architect’s Fee Indemnity Agreement
As-Is Condition
Assignment & Subletting
Audit Rights
Bathroom Work
Brokerage Representation and Listing Agreements
Business Operating Conditions
Cannabis in Commercial Leasing
Cleaning & Janitorial Specifications
Cold Shell vs. Gray Shell vs. Vanilla Box
Collateral Assignment of Lease (Pro-Franchisor)
Community Board Approval
Condemnation of Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Condenser Water
Construction Escrow Agreements
Construction Project Completion & Payment Mitigation of Risk Leasing Tips
Contractor’s Full Release and Waiver of Lien
Contractor’s Partial Release and Waiver of Lien
Default Provisions
Early Access
Early Termination
Escalation & Pass-Through Provisions
Estoppel Certificate
Exclusivity & Non-Compete Provisions
Exculpation of Landlord
Exit Strategies from a Commercial Lease
Failure to Give Possession & Outside Date Language
Failure to Open for Business or to Operate
Financial Factors to Consider When Entering into a Commercial Lease
Financial Statements and Records
Finding New Space & Moving Tips for Commercial Tenants
Fire & Casualty Clause Negotiating Tips
Floor Area Ratio (“FAR”) Considerations
Food Hall Provisions (MORE COMING SOON)
Foreign Consent to Jurisdiction
Franchise Agreement Provisions / Franchisor Rights / Collateral Assignment of Lease
Free Rent Concessions in a Commercial Lease
Good Guy Guarantee (“GGG”)
Ground Lease (COMING SOON)
Heat, Air Conditioning & Electricity Clause Pointers
Holdover Clauses in a Commercial Lease
Hours of Operation Clauses
HVAC Equipment Outside a Space
Impact (and Non-Impact) of Recent FASB Lease Financial Statement Reporting Changes
Land Leases
Landlord Termination & Demolition Clauses
Landlord Work & Tenant Work Clauses
Lease Restructurings, Modifications & Workouts
Leasing Concierge & Office Building Amenities
Leasing Intervention™
Leasing Intervention™ – a Daily Dosage
Leasing Mixed Bag of Catch-All Lease Insertions (Generally Pro-Landlord)
Leasing REality Negotiating Theories
Legal Compliance Issues
Letter of Intent (“LOI”)
License Agreements
Lien Waiver Requirement
Liquor License Provisions (MORE COMING SOON)
Loss Factors in a Commercial Lease
Memorandum Confirming Term
Moisture and Mold
Monetary Default Notice
Mortgages and the Certificate of Occupancy
Negotiating Security Deposits & Good Guy Guarantees in a Commercial Lease
Noise & Vibrations Lease Negotiating Tips
Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDA”)
Payment and Performance Bond
Percentage Rent
Percentage Rent Breakpoint Provisions
Physical Culture Establishments (“PCE”)
Quiet Enjoyment
Real Estate Tax Base Reduction
Real Estate Tax Escrow
Removal & Restoration Obligations
Rent Acceleration
Rent Auto-Deduct
Residential Lease Preparation and Management in NYS (HSTPA 2019)
Restaurant Lease Provisions (MORE COMING SOON)
Right of First Offer (“ROFO”)
Right of First Refusal (“ROFR”)
Roof Provisions
Scaffolding Clause Negotiating Tips
Security Deposit
Shopping Center Centric Provisions
Signage Clause Negotiating Tips
Sprinkler Work
Subcontractor’s Full Release and Waiver of Lien
Subordination Clauses & SNDA’s
Substitute Space Relocation Clauses
Tenant Decorative Work Carve Out and No Removal Obligations
Tenant Retention & Lease Renewal Option
The How and Why Brokers Can Make a Difference in all Phases of a Lease Negotiation
Turnkey Buildout
Use Clause Provision Tips
Utility Clauses