Find out what real estate and business rock stars and students are saying about Leasing REality.
“Chris Weilminster — Thanks for posting a link to your recent interview on the Leasing REality podcast. I enjoyed hearing your perspective on the current state of the retail real estate industry and I was also really glad to learn of Larry Haber’s podcast series. I agree with your assertion that his podcasts are awesome and what a great resource! Since listening to your interview, I have listened to several others, including the one with Beth Azor, and Leasing REality is now on my go-to list for fresh perspectives from CRE industry veterans.”
– Bob Grimsley, Real Estate Manager | IKEA Group
“I wanted to thank you as your podcast has been an introduction for me into commercial real estate. I first found your podcast during the summer going into my senior year of college. This is where I first learned of James Nelson and other industry leaders that I reached out to. I reached out to James at the beginning of my senior year, and he was very helpful and introduced me to a lot of other people in the business. But given the market conditions, it was difficult finding a full-time job in investment sales after graduation. I continued to stay in touch with James, and after a year of following up with him, I asked him if I could come on as a part-time intern. James agreed and I started interning with the team in September. In early December, Avison Young’s research analyst quit without providing a two-week notice, and the team was left scrambling to put together the Q4 property sales report, which was his main responsibility. I was able to step in and complete the report, and after completion was offered the full-time research analyst role. I wanted to share this with you because your podcast helped me tremendously during my job search.”
– Sean Noone, Investment Sales Research Analyst | Avison Young
“I wake up at 4:30 AM, work late and weekends, finishing my days taking Larry Haber’s course these last few months to ensure I understand every aspect of my clients’ commercial real estate leases. Larry is a preeminent real estate attorney out of NYC and walks brokers through all the intricacies of lease docs. If you are willing to dedicate time towards developing value, look into Leasing REality. Looking forward to the 48-Hour course.”
– Armand Aghadjanians, Director of Acquisitions | Store Here
“As a Real Estate Executive for over 30 years and former Chairman of CoreNet Global, I am always seeking new tools to quickly and efficiently teach the younger members of our profession – including those venturing into the field. I learned the old fashion way of having a mentor within the industry and learning through hard knocks. In today’s quick global environment, which includes performing real estate tasks with less available staff, the unfortunate truth is that we are unable to properly mentor the upcoming generation. Leasing REality is a timely all encompassing tool which will fill that void. Coupled with the unique Larry Haber teaching style of keeping it simple and complete, this is a tool which we should all use to teach our staff.”
– Jeffrey L. Elie, Vice President, Global Real Estate and Facilities | Kaplan, Inc.
“I have had the pleasure of working with Larry for well over 10 years both professionally, personally and on behalf of non-profits. Over the past 7 years, Larry has consulted me on all types of real estate matters, from tiny deals to $7M leases, for two national companies. One of Larry’s strengths was his ability to educate me and my colleagues on how to view our “asks” from both sides of the table. Having insight into how landlords think made me a better negotiator and a better tenant. With each deal, I felt I learned something new, and wished I had captured all of that new found wisdom in an easy place to retain and access as needed. With the publication of Leasing REality, Larry has done just that for me and for all of us who will be able to benefit from his remarkable knowledge and experience. Once again, Larry has delivered!”
– Bob Creamer, Chief Executive Officer | Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care
“We have known Larry Haber personally and professionally for 20 years. With absolute certainty, he is one of the most skilled and proficient minds with respect to commercial leasing and lease negotiation. Larry knows exactly what language matters in a particular lease, and is excellent at negotiating often difficult points. He is thorough, efficient and ensures an iron clad contract. Regardless of how long or little you have been in the industry, Leasing REality should become part of your leasing playbook.”
– Ben Shaoul, Principal | Magnum Real Estate Group
“There is an art to lease negotiation and Larry is a masterful artist. The Leasing REality platform will be an invaluable addition to my practice and will become “standard issue” to every team member once launched. Even at the pre-launch stage, Larry’s content expertly navigates the complex waters of the commercial lease in a dynamic format that allows for both quick reference and deeper analysis.”
– Brad Wolk, Executive Managing Director, Integrated Consulting Strategies, NY | Savills
“Larry Haber has a unique ability to communicate complex real estate issues in a simple, methodical and thorough way. Whether you are an expert in matters of commercial real estate or just want to learn how to negotiate commercial leases, Larry’s Leasing REality search engine is an indispensable resource. I have known Larry for 15 years, and his work is outstanding.”
– Drew Katz, Chief Executive Officer | Interstate Outdoor Advertising, L.P.
“It is a rare treat to be educated and entertained at the same time. In a casual yet professional and easily digestible manner, Leasing REality offers experienced subject matter to experts and novices alike, with insight and perspective on commercial leases from a variety of vantage points. Larry and his team have sat on every conceivable side of the table and have learned a lifetime of valuable lessons along the way. This is a “must have” as a comprehensive tool in a real estate toolbox.”
– Lloyd Solomon, Managing Director | Solomon Page
“With Leasing REality, Larry Haber has successfully compiled a comprehensive wealth of insight into one cohesive platform. For leasing veterans and real estate newcomers alike, Leasing REality will no doubt serve as an integral industry tool.”
– Scott C. Alper, President and CIO | Witkoff
“As a result of Larry’s extensive real estate experience, including that of an owner and general counsel, and now primarily as an attorney for both landlords and tenants, he is able to understand both the business and legal sides of a leasing transaction. His business minded approach helps get leases done in an expeditious manner to our benefit. Larry has now taken his lifetime of experiences and poured them into Leasing REality, an informative and (if you watch the videos) somehow entertaining training and negotiating platform for leasing professionals.”
– Brian Teppel, Chief Operating Officer | Gilman Management Corp.
Leasing REality Intern Experience
“In the weeks leading up to my first day in the office, I was nervous, yet excited to start my journey at Leasing REality. Not only did I learn a great deal about commercial leasing through the 32-Hour Program, but I also acquired essential marketing skills that will help me in my future career. Working for a start-up really opened my eyes up to the amount of time and effort needed to successfully drive product sales, as well as maintain company prosperity going forward. Not only was I given the opportunity to enhance my analytical abilities, but I also was able to build upon my writing skills through blog posts and social media pitches.”
– Nicole H. | Student at Stony Brook University
“This experience has reaffirmed my desire to work at a smaller company down the line and will certainly influence my search for a job after graduation. The most valuable aspect of this internship was working alongside a team of other interns. While group projects are a large part of my coursework at business school, I continued to learn more about working on a team during each day of my internship. I had never before worked on a team where everyone was so vested in the final outcome. The group brainstorms were not only conducive to improving Leasing REality, but they also taught me to appreciate others’ feedback and ideas. This is something I will take with me and will shape the way I work with others in the future.”
– Owen P. | Student at George Washington University
Leasing REality gave me the chance to grow as an employee. Prior to joining the LR team, I had no experience working in an office environment. The experience gained here will forever be an invaluable asset for my career going forward. My ideas were considered, and many times given the green light to be executed to the degree in which I saw fit. The freedom to be creative and have a voice was priceless. I do not believe many internships offer this ability to truly leave an impact on a company.”
– Jon T. | Student at Tulane University
“In the weeks leading up to the internship at Leasing REality, I was skeptical about what I was going to get out of my time here, as Real Estate is not necessarily my area of interest; however, I would soon find out that Leasing REality is much more than just a place to grow your real estate knowledge. Working for Leasing REality has been an extremely valuable opportunity because of the various types of work experience I was able to gain. As a person that truly does not know what I want to do for a career, I felt that it was very useful that I had the chance to experiment with different areas of business. From brainstorming marketing strategies to writing posts for the company blog, I was able to discover some interests and talents that I did not know I had before. Not only was I given the opportunity to uncover new strengths, but also I was able to cultivate skills I already had. Working every day with a team of fellow interns, from various backgrounds, helped me to build upon my communication and teamwork skills.”
– Alexa X. | Student at Georgetown University
“Startups can be scary and intense because there is often lots of work to be done. However, working at a startup like Leasing REality has encouraged me to familiarize myself with (real estate) material more quickly than I would have otherwise which gave me the ability to apply it in numerous settings. I loved the open communication amongst all parties involved in Leasing REality because it allowed us to get the job done faster and more efficiently. It was cool to see the beginning phases of certain projects and watch them develop over time. Larry’s passion for this project has encouraged me to want to grow the LR platform. I also love that LR has a charitable component as well, because this adds to my motivation to share and sell subscriptions!”
– Jessica P. | Student at University of Pennsylvania
“During my time working at Leasing REality, I have learned how to collaborate and innovate. With the help of my fellow interns, I was able to bounce my ideas off of them and come up with solutions to problems that arose. I discovered ways of how to approach my co-interns and how to provide them with constructive feedback. Furthermore, I was able to explore the culture of a startup and the nature of the work. This requires a lot of time management as well as flexibility. I learned that each day would bring about a new set of problems to solve (which demands a lot of creativity).”
– Lindsay G. | Student at University of Pennsylvania
“When I began working for Leasing REality all I really knew was that “I liked real estate,” whatever that actually meant. I understood the very basics of commercial leasing – that is the landlord, the tenant, and the lease. Could I tell you a detailed thing beyond those facts? Probably not. Through working here, I was able to learn about many of the ins and outs of commercial leasing and the commercial leasing process. I have learned the more intricate and specific aspects of commercial leasing: what it takes to negotiate a lease, the key parties involved, what to look for, and all the various, yet specific clauses. And not only did I just learn about these topics, but I learned about from varying perspectives and all parties associated with the deal. Simply, without LR I would have never known what a good guy guarantee is or even what a letter of intent is.”
– Aerin P. | Student at Cornell University
“Spending a majority of my summer as a Leasing REality intern has been quite the experience and has provided me with great knowledge and tools for not only in the real estate world, but life in general. Throughout my time working on the site, and with all the content, I have accumulated a vast amount of skills and insights in the commercial leasing world. I didn’t even feel as if I was learning, but as the weeks passed, I found myself rattling off leasing dos and don’ts whenever the opportunity presented itself.”
– Stephen D. | Student at Binghamton University
“Over the last two months, I have not only acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge on commercial leasing, but have also picked up many valuable life lessons along the way. The summer internship has also shown me what the everyday lifestyle of a commercial leasing attorney looks like. I watched as Larry would finesse his way through negotiations, as well as other established real estate attorneys going out of their way to help a person in need of further explanation. I wish to apply many of the things I learned, such as tapping into different target markets and creating multiple brand enhancing products – for my very own business.”
– Verdon G. | Student at Fordham University
“When I first started my internship at Leasing REality, I was not sure what to expect, what would be required of me and my overall interest in real estate in general. Throughout my experience here, there are many unique lessons I have learned that cannot be taught in a classroom or elsewhere. Some of the lessons learned were business-related, and other lessons were not. This made me realize that the best way to learn new things is to actually experience them first-hand – that is exactly how I gained such an incredible wealth of knowledge during my time at Leasing REality.”
– Hallie B. | Student at University of Wisconsin
“My time at Leasing REality has taught me that a startup requires a lot of time as well as a lot of belief in your product. If you know that your product can succeed, it will succeed. The passion that Larry and Ryan have for the Leasing REality product has rubbed off on all of the interns and I, allowing us all to work our hardest each day.”
– Ariel G. | Student at Binghamton University