Real Estate REality Check (College and High School Edition)

Featured Interviews

Alexa Luckow

Senior at UCLA and President for Bruin Real Estate Association (BREA)

Nicole Gozini

Junior at USC and President of USC Trojan Real Estate Association (TREA)

Verdon Gupta

Sophomore at Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business

Jon Kohan

Junior at University of Pennsylvania

Aerin Pasik

Sophomore at Cornell University

Lindsay Gordon

Sophomore at University of Pennsylvania

Podcast Description

In Real Estate REality Check (College and High School Edition), Larry Haber, a reformed yet recovered developer, attorney, CPA and the creator of Leasing REality – as a means of providing career, job interview, workplace and other educational tips – channels rock n’ roll, hip-hop, sports, historical and pop culture icons as a bridge to empower his student guests to educate and motivate their fellow aspiring and business rock stars to reach their full potential … whatever that may be!

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Student Interviews

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