• December 28, 2016

Moisture and Mold Memorandum

Sample Provision

Moisture and Mold Memorandum

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This Memorandum is entered into this ____ day of ___, 2017 by TRY TO BE DRY TENANT LLC (“Tenant”).


  • Pursuant to that certain Lease Agreement dated as of ____, 2017 (the “Lease”) by and between _____________________ (“Landlord”) and Tenant, Tenant is leasing from Landlord the following premises: approximately _______ rentable square feet located on the second (2nd) floor at ______________________ (the “Premises”), as more particularly described in the Lease.
  • It is generally understood that mold spores are present essentially everywhere and that mold can grow in any moist location. Emphasis is properly placed on prevention of moisture and on good housekeeping and ventilation practices. Tenant acknowledges the necessity of housekeeping, ventilation, and moisture control (especially in kitchens, janitor’s closets, bathrooms, break rooms and around outside walls) for mold prevention. In signing this Memorandum, Tenant has first inspected the aforementioned Premises and certifies that Tenant has not observed mold, mildew or moisture within the Premises. Tenant agrees to immediately notify Landlord if Tenant observes mold/mildew and/or moisture conditions (from any source, including leaks), and Tenant agrees to allow management to evaluate and make recommendations and/or take appropriate corrective action. Tenant releases Landlord, its agents, representatives, members and employees from any liability for any personal injury or damages to property caused by or associated with moisture or the growth of or occurrence of mold or mildew in or around the Premises. In addition, execution of this Memorandum constitutes acknowledgement by Tenant that control of moisture and mold prevention are integral to its obligations under the Lease.
  • This Exhibit shall be and is incorporated into the Lease between the Landlord and Tenant.
  • Tenant acknowledges receipt of the Moisture and Mold Control Instructions, a copy of which is attached hereto, and which instructions are subject to modification, from time to time.








It is important for you to know that exercising proper ventilation and moisture control precautions will help maintain your comfort and prevent mold growth in the Premises. Tenant should adopt and implement the following guidelines, to avoid developing excessive moisture or mold growth.

  • Report any maintenance problems involving water, moist conditions, or mold to the Property Manager promptly and conduct its required activities in a manner which prevents unusual moisture conditions or mold growth.
  • Do not block or inhibit the flow of return or make-up air into the HVAC system. Maintain the suite at consistent temperature and humidity level in accordance with the Property Manager’s instructions.
  • Regularly conduct janitorial activities, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, and janitorial spaces to remove mildew and prevent or correct moist conditions.
  • Maintain water in all drain traps at all times.