• August 14, 2019

Podcast Episode 040: Lee Brodsky

Real Estate REality Check

Podcast Episode 040: Lee Brodsky

Podcast Episode 040: Lee Brodsky 680 800 Leasing REality | Commercial Real Estate Education

Lee Brodsky

Chief Executive Officer of BEB Capital

“Verbal in-person communication is the only way to get this done. Emails have no tone. You need to get together. […] If at the beginning of a project if everyone doesn’t sit in a room and hear [each other’s] concerns, and hear the tone in everyone’s voice and empathize with someone who has never done this before, or someone who’s in a rush, or someone who’s under time pressure – whatever it might be – you are going to have a breakdown. It can’t be done via email.” – Lee Brodsky (at 19:32)

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