• September 5, 2019

Single Family/Townhouse Lease Checklist

REBNY Form Lease

Single Family/Townhouse Lease Checklist

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Gathering the Necessary Information

As a result of the myriad of customizable options within the updated REBNY free market lease forms, the broker and/or whoever is preparing the Lease Form will need to first gather the necessary information. To help with doing so, please refer to the applicable Checklist that prompts the user to provide the required information to prepare the Lease Form.

Note that each of the Lease Forms has its own unique Checklist with coinciding clause numbers to assist the person preparing the lease to know where in the Lease Form the provided answers are needed.

Click on the Single Family/Townhouse Checklist button below to download.

Upon opening the checklist, go to the “File” drop-down menu and select “Make a copy” to create a fillable checklist.

If you are leasing (i) an apartment in a condominium building, (ii) an apartment in a cooperative building, or (iii) a non-rent stabilized apartment in a building that is neither a condominium nor a cooperative, please consult the applicable checklist.

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