“In the weeks leading up to the internship at Leasing REality, I was skeptical about what I was going to get out of my time here, as Real Estate is not necessarily my area of interest; however, I would soon find out that Leasing REality is much more than just a place to grow your real estate knowledge. Working for Leasing REality has been an extremely valuable opportunity because of the various types of work experience I was able to gain. As a person that truly does not know what I want to do for a career, I felt that it was very useful that I had the chance to experiment with different areas of business. From brainstorming marketing strategies to writing posts for the company blog, I was able to discover some interests and talents that I did not know I had before. Not only was I given the opportunity to uncover new strengths, but also I was able to cultivate skills I already had. Working every day with a team of fellow interns, from various backgrounds, helped me to build upon my communication and teamwork skills.”

Alexa X. | Student at Georgetown University