• May 2, 2018

Theory #6

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Theory #6

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Theory #6

The Ben Franklin, 5 P’s, JFK & John Wooden Cub Scout Theory

Not only do people like to conduct business and hang out with people whose company they enjoy, they also like to bond with those who are well prepared and ready to adjust to an out of left field curveball thrown their way. For this very reason, it is why I am a strong believer in what I like to call the Ben Franklin, 5 P’s, JFK & John Wooden Cub Scout Theory.

Quoting one of the coolest dudes from the 1700’s, namely that of Benjamin Franklin, always remember that due “Diligence is the mother of good luck.”

As to the not so elusive 5 P’s theory, landlord and tenant advocates must know that “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!”

Taking it a step further, ponder the advice of former President John F. Kennedy when it comes to staying on top of your game and your deals by making sure that you “Use time as a tool and not as a couch.”

Going back to the well one more time with Coach John Wooden, please keep in mind his mantra that “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

Last but not least, coming from a guy who wore the uniform in his third grade class picture, make the “Be Prepared” mantra of the Cub Scouts your very own!

For those who choose to not embrace the foregoing advice when it comes to how you conduct your leasing, life and business affairs, without getting overly dramatic, I have enlisted a little help from the title of a song from heavy metal rockers Slipknot, and convey to you “Be Prepared for Hell” when it comes to the outcome of many a transaction.

Be well and be careful out there my leasing brethren.