• June 12, 2018

The Luv The 1 U R With, George Benson, Jerry Garcia, LeBron James & Sting “So Lonely Drive-In Movie” Theory

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The Luv The 1 U R With, George Benson, Jerry Garcia, LeBron James & Sting “So Lonely Drive-In Movie” Theory

Negotiating Theories to Succeed in Life, Marketing and Commercial Leasing (Part 7)

When it comes to tenant retention and lease renewals, and the consequential financial fallout and costs associated with vacancy turnover, legal, brokerage, architecture, tenant improvement allowance, landlord work, and lastly, free rent concessions associated with a tenant channeling the Grateful Dead song “Truckin’” and moving on to another office or retail space, landlords need to become bigger fans of the musicians known as CSNY, George Benson and Sting from The Police.

Stated differently, before letting a rent paying tenant channel Groucho Marx’s line “Hello, I must be going,” landlords should consider channelling the song titles “Love the One You’re With (CSNY),” “Never Give Up on a Good Thing (George Benson)” and “So Lonely (Sting and The Police),” so that they won’t be left standing in the once occupied space of tenant who has made like LeBron James back in 2010 and taken his or its “talents” to another landlord’s building. 

As to the drive-in movie theater aspect of our theory, it is our belief that having vacant space makes no sense, much like going to one of those old drive-in movie theaters by yourself … in a taxi cab … with the meter running … and in the case of a single parent experiencing the foregoing, having to pay for a babysitter for the kids left at home!

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