• May 2, 2018

Theory #4

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Theory #4

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Theory #4

The Mariano Rivera, John Wooden, Billy Idol & Annie The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Theory

Aside from having a closer’s mentality when it comes to hopefully bringing your deals to a smooth, expedited and successful conclusion, similar to that of THE greatest MLB closer of all time (yes, the one and only Mariano Rivera), real estate and other business professionals need to:

  1. unfortunately accept that not every deal or game is going to have a happy ending;
  2. acknowledge that when it comes to pitching business, more often than not you will end up being the maid of honor or best man, and not the bride or the groom; and
  3. come to grips with the fact that as a consequence of the foregoing, one needs to adopt a “NEXT” mentality after a bad day at the office.

After a rare poor outing, Mariano came to the ballpark the next day with a “closer’s mentality,” ready to throw the pitch that got him elected unanimously as the first player ever to the Baseball Hall of Fame, notwithstanding that he might have given up a walk-off home run the night before to lose the game for the Yanks.

Along the same lines of having a “closer’s mentality,” legendary basketball coach John Wooden once said “Today is the only day. Yesterday is gone.” The point is focus on what is the now, and not on what no longer will be!

As to the Billy Idol song that we have all heard at many events, namely “White Wedding,” landlord and tenant advocates should consider repeating to themselves (three times) the lyrics “It’s a nice day to start again” the day after a deal went south or sideways on them.

Lastly, as to the famous Broadway show Annie, playing off the words from the iconic song, you can “bet your bottom dollar” that “the sun will come out tomorrow” after a down real estate cycle, a failed transaction or, in your love life as conveyed in the song “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” by the band Bad Company!

Deep and not-so-deep thoughts behind us, be well, and may all of your leasing dreams become your reality.