• April 30, 2018

Theory #3

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Theory #3

Theory #3

The Ho Ho Ho, Dr. Evil & Jerry Maguire “You Complete Me” Theory

Given that no real estate professional or owner for that matter knows everything (with a few of us sometimes being a can or two short of a full six pack), a key to success is to fill in the holes in your knowledge base by surrounding yourself with those capable of doing so. By way of example, a real estate agent should have a good number of reliable contractors, architects and attorneys “on call” as part of their “team.” The hope, the prayer and the dream would be for the broker to call on their “teammates” for a consultation or walk-through of a space at no or little charge, given that real estate agents represent to these 3 professions not only “free advertising,” but sources of free referrals as well!

With that said, getting back to my “Ho Ho Ho, Dr. Evil & Jerry Maguire “You Complete Me” Theory,” Santa Claus wouldn’t be half the man he is without none other than Mrs. Claus and his elves! Dr. Evil from the comedy classic Austin Powers didn’t find true happiness and creativeness until Mini Me became part of his team. Lastly, real estate professionals need to look no further than the movie “Jerry Maguire” starring Tom Cruise, when his character said to his then somewhat estranged girlfriend Dorothy Boyd, played by Renée Zellweger, “You complete me.” Make this part of your mantra my leasing brethren, and prospective clients will be channeling Dorothy Boyd in response to your pitch and the skill set you bring to the table by saying “You had me at hello.”

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