Armand Aghadjanians

“I wake up at 4:30 AM, work late and weekends, finishing my days taking Larry Haber’s course these last few months to ensure I understand every aspect of my clients’…



“We have known Larry Haber personally and professionally for 20 years. With absolute certainty, he is one of the most skilled and proficient minds with respect to commercial leasing and…


Jeffrey L. Elie

“As a Real Estate Executive for over 30 years and former Chairman of CoreNet Global, I am always seeking new tools to quickly and efficiently teach the younger members of…


Brad Wolk

“There is an art to lease negotiation and Larry is a masterful artist. The Leasing REality platform will be an invaluable addition to my practice and will become “standard issue”…


Scott C. Alper

“With Leasing REality, Larry Haber has successfully compiled a comprehensive wealth of insight into one cohesive platform. For leasing veterans and real estate newcomers alike, Leasing REality will no doubt…


Drew Katz

“Larry Haber has a unique ability to communicate complex real estate issues in a simple, methodical and thorough way. Whether you are an expert in matters of commercial real estate…


Bob Creamer

“I have had the pleasure of working with Larry for well over 10 years both professionally, personally and on behalf of non-profits. Over the past 7 years, Larry has consulted…



“It is a rare treat to be educated and entertained at the same time. In a casual yet professional and easily digestible manner, Leasing REality offers experienced subject matter to…


Brian Teppel

“As a result of Larry’s extensive real estate experience, including that of an owner and general counsel, and now primarily as an attorney for both landlords and tenants, he is…


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