• December 22, 2016

Table of Contents for E-book

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Table of Contents for E-book


Note: The Leasing REality team recommends that chapters within a series be read following the path set forth by the Table of Contents. Standalone chapters can be read in any order.

Preface (FREE)
Enjoy the Ride (FREE)
“Portable” Commercial Lease Negotiating Theories 1-12
    1. The Albert Einstein, Snoop Dogg and Drake Bring Your “A” Game-Brick House Value Theory (FREE)
    2. The Snagglepuss, Groucho Marx, The Clash & Steve McQueen Great Escape Theory (FREE)
    3. The Ho Ho Ho, Dr. Evil & Jerry Maguire “You Complete Me” Theory (FREE)
    4. The Mariano Rivera, John Wooden, Billy Idol & Annie The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Theory (FREE)
    5. The Winston Wolf, Vivian Greene, Forrest Gump & Gene Kelly Be Part of the Solution Theory (FREE)
    6. The Ben Franklin, 5 P’s, JFK & John Wooden Cub Scout Theory (FREE)
    7. The Luv The 1 U R With, George Benson, Jerry Garcia, LeBron James & Sting “So Lonely Drive-In Movie” Theory (FREE)
    8. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, Madonna and Public Enemy Bring The Noise-We Got The Power Theory (FREE)
    9. The Kevin Costner, Jerry Garcia, Jim Valvano and Lady Gaga Field of Dreams-Rose Colored Glasses-Paint Your Masterpiece Negotiating Theory (FREE)
    10. The Eddie Murphy, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, The Allman Brothers Band, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Kevin Hart, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Charlie Brown, Oprah Winfrey-24 Hours in a Day-Big Nap-Dirty Dancing-Time Management Theory (FREE)
    11. The Jay-Z, Will Smith, Kevin Durant, Mel Brooks, Tiger Woods, Cardi B, Abraham Lincoln, Donna Summer-Work Ethic Theory (FREE)
    12. The Why Can’t We Be Friends?, Aretha Franklin, Toy Story, Kumbaya, Muhammad Ali, Jerry Garcia, Martin Luther King Jr., Mick Jagger, Peace, Love and Understanding, The Godfather-Likability Theory (FREE)
Leasing Intervention™ (PREMIUM)
Commercial Leasing Breakdown (FREE)
The How & Why Brokers Can Make a Difference in all Phases of a Lease Negotiation (PREMIUM)
Help on the Way
Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (a 24 Part Series)
    1. Introduction: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 1) (FREE)
    2. Leverage: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 2) (FREE)
    3. Use of the Premises: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 3) (PREMIUM)
    4. The Lease Term & Delivery of the Premises: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 4) (PREMIUM)
    5. Determining the Appropriate Lease Term: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 5) (PREMIUM)
    6. Base Rent & Free Rent: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 6) (PREMIUM)
    7. Renewal Options: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 7) (FREE)
    8. Operating Expense Escalations & Percentage Rent Increases: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 8) (PREMIUM)
    9. Real Estate Tax Escalations: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 9) (PREMIUM)
    10. Security Deposits: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 10) (PREMIUM)
    11. Good Guy Guarantees: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 11) (PREMIUM)
    12. Loss Factors: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 12) (PREMIUM)
    13. Assignment & Subletting: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 13) (PREMIUM)
    14. Electricity: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 14) (PREMIUM)
    15. Tenant’s Early Access: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 15) (PREMIUM)
    16. HVAC/Air Conditioning: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 16) (PREMIUM)
    17. Landlord’s Work: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 17) (PREMIUM)
    18. Tenant’s Work: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 18) (PREMIUM)
    19. Signage & Scaffolding: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 19) (PREMIUM)
    20. Subordination and SNDA’s: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 20) (PREMIUM)
    21. Hazardous Materials: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 21) (PREMIUM)
    22. Cleaning: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 22) (FREE)
    23. Compliance with Law: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 23) (PREMIUM)
    24. Conclusion: Negotiating and Preparing a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (Part 24) (PREMIUM)
Financial Factors to Consider When Entering into a Commercial Lease (a 4 Part Series)
    1. Upfront Costs, Free Rent Concessions and Security Deposit Basic Pointers (PREMIUM)
    2. Financial Terms (PREMIUM)
    3. Choosing Your Rent Escalation and Utility Poison (PREMIUM)
    4. Compliance with Law, Assignment & Subletting, Tenant Work and Good Guy Guaranty Concerns (PREMIUM)
Free Rent Concessions in a Commercial Lease (PREMIUM)
Come On & Take a Free Ride
Negotiating Security Deposits & Good Guy Guarantees in a Commercial Lease (a 7 Part Series)
Minimizing Short & Long Term Risks When Underwriting a Lease
    1. Introduction to Security Deposits and Good Guy Guarantees (PREMIUM)
    2. Factors That Impact the Amount of Security Deposit (PREMIUM)
    3. Security Deposits from a Tenant’s Perspective (PREMIUM)
    4. Letter of Credit (“LOC”) versus a Cash Security Deposit (PREMIUM)
    5. What is a Good Guy Guarantee? (PREMIUM)
    6. How Landlords Strengthen a Good Guy Guarantee (PREMIUM)
    7. Exit Strategies from a Good Guy Guarantee (PREMIUM)
Negotiating Security Deposits and Good Guy Guarantees (The Condensed Version) (PREMIUM)
Burndown (“Reduction”) of a Cash Security Deposit or Letter of Credit (“LOC”) (FREE)
Burn Baby Burn
Use Clause Provision Tips (PREMIUM)
What’s the Use?
Heat, Air Conditioning & Electricity Clause Pointers (PREMIUM)
Who’s Cooler Than You?
Exit Strategies from a Commercial Lease (PREMIUM)
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Tenant Retention & Lease Renewals (PREMIUM)
Luv the One U R With
Subordination Clauses & SNDA’s (PREMIUM)
Loss Factors in a Commercial Lease (PREMIUM)
Why Was There Shrinkage?
Removal & Restoration Obligations (PREMIUM)
Off the Wall
Legal Compliance Issues (PREMIUM)
I Fought the Law but Da’ Law Won
Landlord & Tenant Work (a Sweet 16 Part Series)
    1. Design and Construction Drawing Leasing Tips (PREMIUM)
    2. Negotiating a Tenant Work Clause: The Very Basics (PREMIUM)
    3. Compatible Labor, Union/Non-Union Labor & Legal Compliance (PREMIUM)
    4. Tenant Work Related Protection Concerns (PREMIUM)
    5. Hazardous Material, Garbage, Freight & Security Provisions in a Tenant Work Clause (PREMIUM)
    6. A Landlord’s Need to be a Control Freak (PREMIUM)
    7. Negotiating a Tenant Improvement Allowance (PREMIUM)
    8. Negotiating Work Clauses & AIA Construction Contracts (Part 1 of 2) (PREMIUM)
    9. Negotiating Work Clauses & AIA Construction Contracts (Part 2 of 2) (PREMIUM)
    10. Negotiating Construction Contracts (Part 1 of 3) (PREMIUM)
    11. Negotiating Construction Contracts (Part 2 of 3) (PREMIUM)
    12. Negotiating Construction Contracts (Part 3 of 3) (PREMIUM)
    13. Negotiating a Landlord Work Letter (PREMIUM)
    14. Timing Issues in a Landlord Work Letter (PREMIUM)
    15. Negotiating a Tenant Change Order & Tenant Extra Work Clauses (PREMIUM)
    16. Landlord’s Substantial Completion & Tenant’s Objection Thereto (PREMIUM)
As-Is Condition (PREMIUM)
“Old and in the Way”
Assignment & Subletting (a 15 Part Series)
    1. Assignment & Subletting Leasing Trade Secrets and Other Truths (PREMIUM)
    2. Assignment & Subletting Concerns and Provisions (PREMIUM)
    3. Establishing the Assignment & Subletting Playing Field: Letter of Intent (“LOI”) Provisions (PREMIUM)
    4. Restrictive Terms and Conditions within an Assignment and Subletting Clause (PREMIUM)
    5. Recapture and Leaseback within an Assignment and Subletting Clause (PREMIUM)
    6. Assignment & Subletting Conditions (Part 1 of 5) (PREMIUM)
    7. Assignment & Subletting Conditions (Part 2 of 5) (PREMIUM)
    8. Assignment & Subletting Conditions (Part 3 of 5) (PREMIUM)
    9. Assignment & Subletting Conditions (Part 4 of 5) (PREMIUM)
    10. Assignment & Subletting Conditions (Part 5 of 5) (PREMIUM)
    11. Assignment & Subletting: Controlling Your Existence (PREMIUM)
    12. Assignment & Subletting: Knowing Your Rights (PREMIUM)
    13. Assignment & Subletting: Permitted Occupants and Desk Sharing (PREMIUM)
    14. Subleasing Risks & Rewards (Part 1 of 2) (PREMIUM)
    15. Subleasing Risks & Rewards (Part 2 of 2) (PREMIUM)
Finding New Space & Moving Tips for Commercial Tenants (PREMIUM)
Anchor Tenant, Co-Tenancy, Continuous and Other Retail Business Operating Requirements (a 5 Part Series)
The Anchors Aweigh-LeBron James South Beach-Tenants May Go Away-Frank Sinatra-Bruce Springsteen-Traffic-Big Brother Is Watching Retail Conundrum
    1. Anchor Tenants (Part 1 of 5) (FREE)
    2. Anchor Tenants (Part 2 of 5) (PREMIUM)
    3. Anchor Tenants (Part 3 of 5) (PREMIUM)
    4. Anchor Tenants (Part 4 of 5) (PREMIUM)
    5. Anchor Tenants (Part 5 of 5) (PREMIUM)
Noise & Vibration Lease Negotiating Tips (PREMIUM)
Let’s Get Loud
Fire & Casualty Clause Lease Negotiating Tips (PREMIUM)
Burning Down Da’ House
Holdover Clauses in a Commercial Lease (PREMIUM)
No Retreat, No Surrender Baby
Space Relocation Clauses (PREMIUM)
There Ain’t Nuthin’ Like Da’ Real Thing
Signage Clause Negotiating Tips (PREMIUM)
Never Be Born (or Operate a Store) Under a Bad Sign
Landlord Termination & Demolition Clauses (PREMIUM)
Da’ Terminator
Real Estate Tax Escalations in a Commercial Lease (PREMIUM)
Operating Expense Escalations and Percentage Rent Increases in a Commercial Lease (PREMIUM)
Landlord and Tenant Audit Rights in a Commercial Lease (PREMIUM)
Percentage Rent in a Commercial Lease (PREMIUM)
Access to Premises from a Landlord’s & Tenant’s Perspective (PREMIUM)
Lease Restructurings, Modifications & Workouts (a 4 Part Series)
    1. Lease Restructurings, Modifications & Workouts (Part 1 of 4) (PREMIUM)
    2. Lease Restructurings, Modifications & Workouts (Part 2 of 4) (PREMIUM)
    3. Lease Restructurings, Modifications & Workouts (Part 3 of 4) (PREMIUM)
    4. Lease Restructurings, Modifications & Workouts (Part 4 of 4) (PREMIUM)
Leasing Concierge & Office Building Amenities (PREMIUM)
FASB Lease Accounting Changes (PREMIUM)
Cannabis Issues in Commercial Leasing (PREMIUM)
Estoppel Certificates (FREE)
Preparing and Managing NYS Free Market Residential Leases: The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (a 4 Part Series)
    1. Setting the Playing Field of the “New Law” (FREE)
    2. Changes in Management Responsibilities for Landlords (FREE)
    3. Tips to Help Prepare REBNY Free Market Residential Leases (FREE)
    4. The Broker Buzzkill, the Unauthorized Practice of Law, and to Prepare or Not to Prepare (FREE)

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